Tuesday, February 11, 2014


So, we had the Ham and Egg Breakfast Bowls for breakfast this morning.  They were, ok.  Not amazing, but not horrible either.  I think if I do that recipe again, I would beat the eggs and add some extra seasonings.  I did make them yesterday and froze then reheated them today, so the yolks of the eggs got a bit dried out.  But it filled our tummy's.  B ate them without complaint, so I call that a win for now!

Dinner last night was Bacon Wrapped Chicken Strips.  Again, they were ok.  I didn't have a big enough rack to do the entire recipe (I doubled it to have leftovers for lunches today) so I did 2 batches.  I may have gotten a little impatient on the first batch, because the bacon was overdone in spots and underdone in others.  I feel like the chicken should have been marinated, as it was rather bland unless you could get a bite of bacon in with the chicken.

Another recipe that I tried yesterday was Apple Cinnamon Muffins.  They are rather bland.  I used paper muffin cups and maybe that's why they just fall apart.  Altogether not a great one.  I probably won't be re-using this recipe. :-(

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