Monday, February 24, 2014

Back on track

So, we had a weird couple of weeks.  Went out to eat a bunch and tried to stay on track at home, but things don't always go quite like we plan them.  This week we are back on schedule, I have a menu and shopping list already made up so I don't have to even think about what to make everyday, just look at the menu and go for it.  This week we are all in town as well, with Todd being out of town over the weekend while I was at work, I kind of fell off the wagon and ate some really horrible food.  Honestly I can feel it slightly in my gut when we go off course.  Not as bad as some of the blogs and comments I've read, I mean I don't feel like I'm dying or anything.  But, things are not exactly perfect in the gut region either.  So, back to the plan.  Eating healthy nutritious food.  B is doing really well, getting super excited about the weight/inches he is losing.  He can feel it in his clothes and he's loving it.  T and I are having a slower change overall, but I can feel the difference in the way my shirts are fitting and my watch at work which was pretty tight for a while is looser, along with my rings.  I can remove my wedding ring at will, which for a while I would have needed a ring cutter. :-(.  Now I could take it off if I wanted, which I don't ;-), and when my hands get a bit cold it spins around my finger just by the weight of the setting.  I love that feeling because it means this eating plan is actually working.  I wasn't expecting overnight magic results and I'm definitely not getting that.  But, I am losing a bit of weight, noticeable in my clothing and by the reading on the scale!  YAY!  Well off to school and then grocery shopping.  Fun times all around!  Have a good one!

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