Monday, February 10, 2014

Starting out

So, today we begin our Paleo-ish journey.  T, S and B are setting off on a new adventure/lifestyle change.  Up to this point we've been eating...well...horribly would probably describe it best.  Lots of pasta, breads, refined sugars, soda and overall crap food, and our bodies certainly show it.  I was kind of looking into the idea of starting a Paleo diet, but without T on board, I knew I would never be able to stick with it.  Come on, I have a full time job, go to school, full time mom, housekeeper, chauffeur, cook, doggie mom and any other job that comes my way.  There was no way that I would be able to cook meals for me AND meals for the boys and stick with it long term.  So I sort of put it on the back shelf and continued on.  Then, out of the blue T asks me if I would be interested in looking into a Paleo or Atkins style low carb diet.  So while I was contemplating getting healthier, so was the husband!  Score!  So we did a little more research, combed Pinterest for some recipes and today we are beginning our Journey.   

There are some things however that we are going to continue with, hence the Paleo-ish part of this plan.  We are going to continue to eat a little bit of cheese.  And I'm not going to be a psycho stickler, driving to 12 different stores for groceries...I don't like shopping that much!  So, if I can't find sugar free bbq sauce, then regular old bbq sauce will work just fine.  And occasionally we're going to have REAL pasta, because we like pasta damnit.  Also, not going to say we can't ever go out to dinner.  Sometimes this mom needs a darn break, so Fujiyama's is still in the scope of possibility.

One frustrating thing about eating fresher foods and more produce....the grocery bill goes up.  Another thing I'm not going to be a stickler about is freaking out about eating only organics.  I WILL try to get the best, healthiest versions of  the foods we need, but I refuse to break the bank doing so.  We also don't have a lot of options in TC for getting decent priced organics, or grass fed products.  I shop at Winco, because the quality is good and the prices are where I like them.  I supplement with Fred Meyer, Yokes, Alberston's and Safeway when I need things Winco doesn't offer.  If we had something like a Trader Joe's that catered to those looking for organic or less processed foods, I would try shopping there (I don't know what their prices are like).  

So as T, B and I make our way down this lifestyle change (sounds so much better than diet, right?), I'll keep this bloggy thingy going and add some pictures and links to the recipes or the recipes themselves, with any notes on changes I may make.  Try to enjoy our attempt at the Paleo-ish journey!

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